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Same-Sex Ketubah Texts

Same-Sex Ketubah Texts

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Our same-sex ketubah texts are written in gender-specific or same-sex language and serve as the couple’s statement of vows to each other. The Hebrew text is an appropriate same-sex translation of the English. Our Hebrew texts do not use “he/she” language, but are written for a specific gender. Typically, any person who does not have a Hebrew name will have their English name spelled phonetically in the Hebrew text.

You can download a printable PDF for each text below:

Same-Sex A
Same-Sex B
Same-Sex C
Same-Sex D

Texts © Micah Parker Artworks, Inc. These may not be reproduced without consent of copyright owner.

The texts above are meant to be paired with one of our ketubah designs. If you wish to purchase a digital file of one of our texts, click here.

If you are having us personalize (fill in all of the names, dates, location, etc.) your ketubah, please download and print out the personalization form below:

Download Personalization Form for Same-Sex Texts

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How to Order

Step 1: Pick a Design

Choose your perfect ketubah design.

Step 2: Choose a Text

Every ketubah needs a text.

Step 3: Provide Your Info

Include your names, date, and location for your ceremony.

Step 4: Approve Your Proof

Every ketubah will include a digital proof before we print.