Frequently Asked Questions

We have compiled a list of answers to the most common questions. In case your question is not listed here, contact us.

How do I get our names/location/ceremony date on the ketubah?

This is called personalization. When you choose to personalize your ketubah, you will be asked to supply all the info necessary for us to fill out your ketubah text properly. If you do not have us personalize it, a calligrapher or officiant will need to handwrite everything in the blanks.

How do I get our Hebrew names on the ketubah? How do I personalize it?

When ordering, be sure to choose that you want your ketubah personalized. You will be able to enter all the personalization info (names, ceremony date, location, etc.).

My fiancé does not have a Hebrew name, so what do we do for the Hebrew text?

We are happy to transliterate their English name into Hebrew. In other words, we will spell their English name phonetically using Hebrew letters so that someone reading the Hebrew text aloud would say their English name. We do the same thing with the city and state of the wedding location.

Will we receive a proof of our ketubah and can you send one to our officiant, too?

Yes, we will email a proof to you (and to your officiant if you provide their info) so that we can be sure everything looks perfect before we print your ketubah. It generally takes 2-3 business days to receive your proof.

Can we change the titles on the signature lines?

Yes, we can change the signature lines any way you’d like. We often will replace “Rabbi” with “Cantor” or “Officiant,” for example, or use three witness lines instead of only two.

Which text should I pick?

Start by narrowing down the category - Orthodox, Conservative, Reform, Interfaith, Same-Sex, Secular Humanistic, Anniversary/Renewal. Then, read through the different texts - A, B, C, or D. Note: Same-sex texts are also available in any of the Reform, Interfaith, Secular Humanistic, and Anniversary/Renewal texts. 


I would like to take out a few words from your text. I picked out Reform IV, but I want to add a line from Reform V. Can I do that?

Yes. Contact us to get a quote and info on how to order.

I have a different text I’d like to use instead of one of yours. Can we do that?

Yes, you can order a custom text on your ketubah. Please contact us and be prepared to provide copyright permissions, if applicable.

I love your text, but I am having someone else design our ketubah. Can we purchase just the text?

Yes, you can order a digital ketubah file for your one-time use on your ketubah.

How long will it take to get our ketubah?

A proof will be sent within 2-3 business days. Custom orders will typically have a proof within 5 business days. Once the proof is approved, we usually ship fine art paper prints within 1-5 business days. Papercuts and framing add 2-4 weeks. NO RUSH CHARGES ever, but you may have to pay extra for expedited shipping.

Can we have a third language in addition to Hebrew and English texts?

Yes, we can for an additional cost. Contact us for a quote and for info on how to order.


Can you add/change/make the ketubah design/color/font/wording this special custom way I want? Probably! Contact us with your idea and we’ll figure it out from there.

You’re in Colorado? My niece/cousin/brother/uncle lives/went to school there! I love Colorado!
We do, too!