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About Our Company

Owner and artist, Micah Parker, has been creating fine art ketubahs for over 25 years, making it a full-time business in 1996. He was the first to marry the digital art and printing process with the centuries-old Jewish marriage contract. This allowed him to create beautiful, customizable ketubah designs and texts for those budget-minded couples who couldn’t afford a hand-painted ketubah, but didn’t want to settle for a fill-in-the-blank, preprinted one. This process also allowed for him to produce a ketubah very quickly for those couples that waited until the last minute to purchase one. Our fast turnaround time on such a momentous, personalized, work of art — the fastest in the business — is something we still pride ourselves on today.

Micah’s artistic vision also took the art of the ketubah in a modern direction. He didn’t feel the need to constrain his designs to a traditional border around a black text on a white background, which was the mainstay at the time, making it easier for a calligrapher to fill in a pre-printed ketubah. Texts could now be integrated into the artwork itself in coordinating colors. A wide variety of artistic styles could be employed. The designs could still have traditional elements, but they could also be abstract, expressionistic, minimalistic, and even irreverent. To increase the artistic variety, Micah started licensing artwork from other fine artists. He would use their designs and incorporate the myriad of ketubah texts we offer, many of which Micah penned himself.

Over 200 rabbis regularly refer their couples to us because they know we will provide excellent translations, quick work, gorgeous art, world-class customer service, as well as a 100% Happiness Guarantee. And after having helped over 40,000 brides and grooms get their perfect ketubah, we know we can help you.