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Embrace Ketubah

Embrace Ketubah

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Color Scheme

A modern, impressionistic design, "Embrace" by Micah Parker incorporates two trees with strong roots that have grown intertwined together, in a lover's embrace, their multi-colored brown branches forming hearts in the trees' canopy. The painted texture fills the artwork with bold brush strokes. The ketubah text is divided in two on each side of the trees, with each language shaped to follow the artwork, and the text color compliments the colors in the design. The signature lines are artfully placed below the roots. Trees have a long tradition in ketubah design. Our artist had this to say: This design gave me the opportunity to combine my love of modern whimsicality with my passion for nature. When time allows, I love a good hike in the woods and greatly enjoy the intertwining sculpture of trees. I was fascinated on a recent hike to see a tree with branches that formed two loose hearts at the top, and as an artist that creates ketubot, I was struck by the intertwining symbolism of the tree of life and love, and couldn't wait to get back to my studio to bring the design to life.

Micah Parker

20” x 20”
16" x 16"

16" x 16" / Unpersonalized
16" x 16" / Personalized
20" x 20" / Unpersonalized
20" x 20" / Personalized

Personalized ketubahs will have all of the names, dates, location, etc. included in both Hebrew and English, formatted perfectly to compliment the design.
Unpersonalized ketubahs will include the text with blanks for names, dates, location, etc. to be filled in by hand in both Hebrew and English by your calligrapher.

Generally takes 3-4 weeks.

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How to Order

Step 1: Pick a Design

Choose your perfect ketubah design.

Step 2: Choose a Text

Every ketubah needs a text.

Step 3: Provide Your Info

Include your names, date, and location for your ceremony.

Step 4: Approve Your Proof

Every ketubah will include a digital proof before we print.