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Ketubah Studio

Custom Ketubah Text

Custom Ketubah Text

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Text Choice

For a very personal and meaningful ketubah, you can write your own text. If necessary, we will translate your words into Hebrew for you. Then, we will add all your personalization information - your names, the date, and location of the ceremony - to your text, and format it to fit your chosen design. You will receive a proof of the ketubah to review to make sure it is absolutely perfect before we print.

Please note - if you are using a copyrighted text, you will need to request permission from the copyright owner to use it. We will not print a copyrighted text without permission.

Ketubah Studio reserves the right to refuse submitted custom texts and text revisions at any time and in its sole discretion.

You must order your ketubah PERSONALIZED to purchase a custom text.

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How to Order

Step 1: Pick a Design

Choose your perfect ketubah design.

Step 2: Choose a Text

Every ketubah needs a text.

Step 3: Provide Your Info

Include your names, date, and location for your ceremony.

Step 4: Approve Your Proof

Every ketubah will include a digital proof before we print.