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Strength Papercut Ketubah

Strength Papercut Ketubah

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Color Scheme

Over a richly hued background, a pure white ring encircles the ketubah text. The ring is delicately decorated with smaller concentric rings forming an intricate lace reminiscent of the bridal veil. The four corners are filled with motifs from the rings. The ketubah is a beautiful representation of the wedding ring ceremony in which both partners exchange rings to symbolize their mutual respect of one another, the wholeness achieved through marriage, and their hope for an unbroken bond and lifetime commitment. The circular ketubah text is in a complimentary color inside the ring.

Micah Parker


20” x 20”

20" x 20" / Personalized

Papercut ketubahs are only available in one size with a personalized text.

If you do not choose optional framing, your papercut will be temporarily mounted on foam core with a protective acrylic cover.

Generally takes 6-8 weeks.

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How to Order

Step 1: Pick a Design

Choose your perfect ketubah design.

Step 2: Choose a Text

Every ketubah needs a text.

Step 3: Add a Frame

Or not. Your ketubah can be framed or unframed.

Step 4: Provide Your Info

Include your names, date, and location for your ceremony.

Step 5: Approve Your Proof

Every ketubah will include a digital proof before we print.