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Ketubah: Fast Turnaround and Lead Times

Wow Ė you guys are fast! THANKS SO MUCH! I love working with your company! I canít wait to tell all my friends! -- Erin, Atlanta, Georgia


"How long will it take to get my ketubah?"
If the wedding is not TODAY, we CAN get you a ketubah!

If you speak with our Client Services Specialist, you will undoubtedly hear him say, "Well, our record is an hour."  Not that we want to do that all of the time (we like having hair on our heads), but the answer is pretty simple: We work with your schedule. (Not the other way around.)

So you tell us: How soon do you need your ketubah? Tomorrow? This weekend? Just let us know, and we’ll make it happen.

And we never charge a rush charge. Ever.

“What does it mean when you say ‘About a week’?”

Let us explain what typically happens after you place your ketubah order…(a.k.a. — our Normal Turnaround Time)

If you order an unpersonalized ketubah (i.e. we don’t fill in the blanks in the text), we will try to confirm with you that you want it to be unpersonalized. (Why? Because most couples get their ketubah personalized for the best presentation, and many of those who don’t, end up changing their minds later and paying more. Read more about ketubah personalization.) After we get confirmation or we don’t hear from you for about 2 business days, we usually print and ship your ketubah within a business day or two.

If you order a personalized ketubah (i.e., we are filling your names, dates, etc. for you), we will e-mail you a proof of your personalized text within 1 to about 5 business days from the day we confirm we have all of the proper personalization information for your text choice.

I Am My Beloved's Ketubah by Micah Parker.
I Am My Beloved's Ketubah
by Micah Parker

Once you approve the proof, we will usually print and ship your fine art ketubah 1 or 2 business days later. This assumes no major customization, framing, or Canvas Edition ketubah (see below).

By the way, note that the timing is in part determined by you. We can’t start your personalization until we have all of the right personalization information. And we won’t print your ketubah until we have an approved proof. So you (and your officiant) need to provide us with the proper information and review the proof in a timely manner so it can either be approved or so that we can make the necessary changes.

“What if I want a Canvas Edition ketubah - will that add a lot of time?”

A lot? C'mon, you should know us by now! We just need about another week for our Canvas Edition ketubahs, because they take another step (after they are printed, they are finished with a special matte varnish for protection). This process is done twice a week and it takes 24 hours to completely dry before it can be shipped. If you're in a rush, contact us with your exact timing.

“What if I’m in a rush? Or I need it by a certain date?”

Just contact us and let us know what you need. 99.99% of the time, we can make it happen. You may have to pay for expedited shipping, but no additional “rush” charge from us! Did we mention that before? No rush charge? Ever?

“Or what if I have customization (e.g. custom text, text changes, custom colors, etc.)?”

Most of the customization we see can be accomplished within the time frame noted above. That includes minor text changes, changing or deleting the poetic phrase, signature line changes, even custom texts in Hebrew and/or English. If you want us to translate a text into a language other than Hebrew or customize the colors or design in any way (including adding a poetic phrase) we may need additional lead time. How much? Well, since you have a “custom” request, it’s hard for us to tell you how long it will take until we know what you want. So, if you’re concerned about timing, just tell us and when we quote you the custom price we can also quote you the time. They are very dependent on the time of year and our production schedule.

“And if I want my ketubah framed by you? Now how long?”

OK, you got us. Framing will typically add about 2 weeks to your turnaround time from the time you approve your proof, plus shipping time. So if your wedding is less than a month away and you have your heart set on a framed ketubah, contact us and we'll see what we can do.

“How can you do this? We are still talking about limited-edition, fine art ketubot, right?”

Yes, we are. You see… We just push this big, red button… Just kidding -- it's a blue button. (Almost had you that time.)

We are very, very organized, and when you’ve been creating ketubot for more than a decade, you learn (more than) a few things.

MP Artworks is an artist-founded and artist-run fine art studio. When Micah and his wife, Mindy, started the company back in 1996, he did a little bit of everything – taking the orders, creating the designs, personalizing the texts, packing each order and running it to the post office.

As the years passed (and more and more people ordered ketubot), Micah made many, many notes: which printing processes produce and replicate our artists’ original works at the highest level of quality, which materials are “most archival,” what types of artworks, formats and services our clients want and don’t want. Micah and Mindy then recruited a team of art, design and client services specialists to bring as much of the work as “in-studio” as possible.

Today, in addition to creating ketubah art, we handle almost all aspects of each ketubah we create – from order taking, text personalization and art customization to giclée printmaking, packing and shipping. This allows us to maintain a fanatical level of quality control, handle special requests correctly (and quickly) and make those long turnaround times a thing of the past. (At our studio, anyway.)

By the way, our entire staff still takes those notes. We listen to what you have to say. And we want “ordering the ketubah” to be one of the easiest, least stressful and most fun parts of the days leading up to the “big day!”

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